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Duration: 9-16 Days
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Cultural Tours

 For adult or student groups

Our cultural tours is for both adults groups and for student school groups. The typical tour is taking you through a part of Europe that you find most interesting. This type of tour doesn’t have a one in-depth subject or focus, but is a general tour that can be, for school groups, be as educational as a study tour. Your Tour Manager will introduce you to the culture, history, sights and sounds of the places you visit while on tour. For adult private groups it tends to be a more relaxed pace and more about experiencing the many places and countries. For student school groups (both university and high schools it can have a more higher pace of travel and a more educational aspect to the tour, albeit general. The cultural tour focus more on the fact that the traveler should experience something new, learn about new countries, their culture the historic highlights, it’s food and habits.

As all our tours are customized for private groups each itinerary and focus is different. You decide what you think is best, but we will come with suggestions on  which cities and places to include, the daily content and highlights not to miss out on.

Join us for a fun filled  tour through  the best of Europe!


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Included on tour

  • Expert Tour Manager and specialist guides for sightseeing
  • Daily breakfast and dinners
  • Workshops, excursions and local insights
  • Customized activities for cultural immersion
  • Customized excursions