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Duration: 9-14 Days
Location: Throughout Europe for European languages
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Language Groups

For language groups (school language groups) we adapt the tour to fit the group in terms of language level and training intensity. Language modules will be combined with cultural activities and put into practice. For school groups we work alongside the teacher accompanying the group in order to create the best possible tour in terms of length and places to visit on tour. Together we create the right activities and training to come up with an exciting linguistic programme. As budgets vary, we will find feasible options to fit your requirements. Languages outside our standard offering are available upon request. Contact us for more details.


As a Group Leader you can customize your tour down to the finest details. We adapt everything from the length of the tour and hotel budgets to language level and intensity. We can provide the teacher on tour, but it is also possible to take the role of the language teacher as a Group Leader.

The Lingo Tours team has abundant experience outside of our own catalogue destination area and languages currently offered. For instance we can offer teachers and tours in more specialized areas such as Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, Greece and beyond.

As a Group Leader there are special conditions and benefits to make your tour easy. Contact us for more information and to discuss your destination and language options.



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