tours for the creative mind
Duration: 9 -14 Days
Location: Europe
Price: On Request

Study Tours

This is the tour for high schools and more commonly university groups that have a specific interest in a certain subject. Our study tours are built around the theme of your subject, which can be anything from psychology to history.


Example tour route with number of overnights

We create a tour to enhance your focused study: an in-depth encounter with your subject. Lingo Tours works with University groups to create travel itineraries for immersive study and fieldwork in numerous topics. We are happy to add a new topic when designing a new tour for your group. We have experience from a long list of subjects and themes and will customize your activities around your subject while on tour.

We will set up your visits and educational sessions all according to your requests. Lingo Tours can provide the right tools to ensure effective learning. Your study tour can include any destination that you wish, but naturally there are some natural constrains depending on your subject and area of interest.

Our Tour Manager can help you with specific requests on tour and will be selected to match the theme of the tour. The possibilities are endless, just let us know what you are looking for.

Come and join us on a study tour through Europe and learn from your peers.

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