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Customized, educational group tours

High school, university and adult private groups

Centrally located, 3 to 5 star hotels stays

Upgraded meals

When you travel with Lingo Tours, you have the power to request it all. We specialize in customized, educational group tours and when you travel with us, you’ll be travelling on your perfect tour which meets your group’s specific interests. You might be studying arts, music, history, architecture, religion, or perhaps you’re interested in exploring and developing your culinary and language skills; Lingo Tours will take you backstage and off the beaten track. We compose the details of travel so that your interests are explored, and your life is affected in a meaningful way.

Bimhuis in Amsterdam

Concert in the best jazz venue in town - Bimhuis, Amsterdam

Olympic stadium, Barcelona

Expert Tour Manager with local, cultural knowledge

Full, daily breakfasts

Centrally located hotel stays

Customized transport options

Our team and values

Based out of New York and Amsterdam, the Lingo Tours team works with the simple motto: deliver what you are proud of. We make sure that our groups receive the highest of quality and value for each and every tour budget.
The Lingo Tours team is a diverse international group of professionals who are passionate about travel. Johan Scherstén, the founder of Lingo Tours, has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry and has lived and worked in several different countries across the globe. Johan leads some tours and is always your contact throughout the tour production process.
Lingo Tours promotes multiculturalism with a passion for travel, languages, history, the arts and the extraordinary benefits of intercultural exchange. Personal service and attention to detail are of utmost importance to us. Our strength is in our local knowledge with customization to ensure the perfect tour for you. Our dedicated team means we can stay flexible and adaptable to create the best tour possible.
Amsterdam Tour | Lingo Tours

Our key beliefs

  • Local knowledge and attention to detail
  • Customization and flexibility towards our clients
  • We hand pick our suppliers to ensure the highest quality
  • Cultural involvement to give you real life experiences

Meet the Lingo Tours team

Client Consultant - Ilse Hagen - Lingo Tours
Ilse Hagen
Client Consultant
Originally from Utrecht, a city in the heart of the Netherlands, Ilse now calls New York her permanent home.  At the age of 17, Ilse left home for Australia and New Zealand.  Since then, she has worked, studied and lived across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  She started her career as a consultant, but her experiences across cultures and enthusiasm for travel led her to Lingo Tours and helping others enjoy their experiences abroad.
Lisa Howard
Marketing & Comms Manager
Growing up in sunny Australia before moving across the ditch to New Zealand, Lisa's passion for travel has seen her adventure through over 54 countries - and counting! Professionally, she's been working as a Marketing Advisor and Consultant for over 8 years and brings her dedication and enthusiasm to Lingo Tours, helping to achieve the best results for all travelers, Group Leaders, clients and customers across the board.
Helen Sheehan
Tour Manager & Tour Designer
Helen has been leading educational tours for 23 years for both adults and students. She harmonizes her work on the road with a successful career as a documentary photographer. She has exhibited her work across many capitals of Europe and Asia. If you want to embark on a customized art or photography tour, Helen is the right person for you!
Terry Dougherty
Tour Manager & Tour Designer
Terry has been leading educational tours for 26 years for both adults and students. He is an actor, a jack-of-all-trades, and a walking "Encyclopedia Britannica" of tourism whom everybody in the industry knows. If you are on tour with Terry, you are in good hands!
Carin Mulder - Lingo Tours Operations Manager
Carin Mulder
Operations Manager
After working in finance and the recruitment market Carin is now back at where she started her career and doing what she loves most - working in the travel industry. As Lingo Tours' Operations Manager, Carin has an eye for details and gets a kick out of creating the best and most memorable tours for travelers young and old; tours where people can learn about culture, history, and languages that widen their horizons.
Johan Scherstén
Managing Director
The founder and general manager of Lingo Tours, Johan, has over twenty years of experience in the travel industry: leading tours and running operations. Johan has a zeal for travel, cultures and people. Over the past two decades he has lived and worked in all corners of the world- from Tokyo to Tanzania, Paris to Paramaribo. With his comprehensive experience, Johan knows what it takes to make our clients happy.      
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