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Cabo Verde
Praia, Santa Cruz, Tarrafel, Cidade Velha
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Global Ambassador Tour
8 Days, February, 2017
Educational school exchange
Quality hotel in the capital
A unique country, a unique opportunity
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Make friends at the Wareham partner school in Santa Cruz!

Cape Verde Tour

Praia, Santa Cruz, Cidade Vehla and Tarrafal

21 to 28 February 2017

Global Ambassador Tour – 8 days

Cape Verde Tour

This Wareham private tour takes you to the amazing islands of Cape Verde and Santiago in specific. You will stay in the capital where you have an interesting and vibrant life, quite different from what you are used to back home. We will make regular visits and exchanges with the partner school in Santa Cruz and in-between you will have time for other activities as well. Together with your teacher we will make visits to the old town, Cidade Velha, a nature park and of course some time for the beach! The close exchange with the school in Santa Cruz will allow you to meet and interact with the students and learn new perspectives. This tour will give you a unique opportunity to experience something very different. You will visit a country that is truly unique and outstanding in many aspects, quite the contrary to most others countries. Cape Verde is a group of islands, west of the African continent, with a rich culture and an interesting history.

Hotel Nights

Your visit on the island will be split up between the capital and a small village at the beach on the north side of the island.
  • Hotel in Praia, central location (2 nights)
  • Hotel in Tarrafal, (4 nights)
The exact hotel will be communicated closer to departure

Cape Verde Islands

Atlantic Ocean

Strategically based for the old trading sailors, Cape Verde was and still is the last outpost for sailors crossing the Atlantic.

Petit Pays

Cesaria Evora

The late Cesaria Evora is still the velvet voice and music ambassador of the islands, the small country, "Petit Pays".



Fishing Community



Quebra Canela Praia

Day by Day

  • Board your overnight flight from Providence, USA, to Praia, Cape Verde.
  • Arrive in Praia early morning and transfer to your hotel for some refreshments. After lunch, an introduction to Praia and some time for relaxing on the beach. A welcome dinner awaits you in the evening.
  • After breakfast we transfer to Santa Cruz and have a full day visit at the school. Shadow students at the Secondary Schools in the morning. Visit Primary Schools in the afternoon. After a full day at the school we transfer to Tarrafal for dinner and overnight.
  • A day of beach and some free time for fun in the sun. Optional activities such as mountain biking for those who would like to. In the evening we have an included dinner together.
  • After breakfast we will go on a hiking excursion to the Serra Malagueta Natural Park where you will have different hiking levels to choose from. We will be back in time for some relaxing on the beach before the included dinner.
  • After breakfast we have a day excursion on local fishing boats for swimming, snorkeling and fun in the sun. Dinner in the evening is included as usual.
  • Half a day excursion to Cidade Velha with visits to the fortress. After lunch some structured free time and a farewell dinner and celebration at night with a dance demonstration organized by the school in Santa Cruz. Overnight in Praia.
  • After breakfast we will transfer to the airport and board the flight back to the USA.

Praia City Hall

Centre of Praia

The center of Praia is spread out and the very heart of it would be the area around City Hall.

Included on tour

  • A specialist Tour Manger from beginning to end.
  • Centrally located hotel of high standard.
  • Daily breakfast, daily dinners and some small local treats along the way.
  • Tour Manager sightseeing.
  • Visits and excursions to selected sights according to the outset.
  • School visit in Santa Cruz.
  • Transportation for all scheduled activities.
  • Airfares and airport transfers.


Local quality

You will experience some of the local food as well as some international and more familiar food as well. Genuine and quality is the name of the game.

The Fortress

The bay of Cidade Velha

The fortress, overlooking the first town on Santiago, was built by the Portuguese to protect from pirates and any potential invaders.

Did you know?

During world-war two the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, bought the rights to build an airport on the island of Sal in Cape Verde. His reasons was simply that he needed to refuel his aircrafts on the flights between Europe and South America during the war. At the end of the war when Italy was liberated by the US troops and European allies, the dictator ended his days hanging upside down on a street lamppost in the center of Rome. Subsequently Portugal bought the airport back in 1945 and kept it until Cape Verde gained independence.
President Jorge Carlos Fonseca is the 4th President of Cape Verde since independence in 1975. He won the 2011 presidential elections in a second round of voting. Not only is he the President, but also a lawyer and university professor.

History of the Islands

The Portuguese, who discovered Cape Verde, described the islands upon their arrival in 1456 as “completely uninhabited.” To this day there is still no evidence of any human life before the Portuguese colonialists settled the islands. They, the Portuguese, wanted to establish new trade routes for goods. They also wanted to expand their nautical known area and knowledge of geography since other routes were being blocked by other, competing civilizations. The Islamic traders controlled the Trans-Saharan trade of gold and slaves to the north and salt to the south. The Turks dominated the overland route along the Mediterranean for the trade of spices and fabric with India, charging high customs duties. The goal was to discover a new, Christian-controlled access to gold, slaves and spices in West Africa and India.
The history of Cape Verde is typical and yet unique for its location. For three centuries, the islands were a setting for the transatlantic slave trade, exile for political prisoners of Portugal and a place of refuge for Jews and other victims of religious persecution during the Spanish-Portuguese Inquisition. But even in the 19th century, the slaves led very different lives than those of North or South America: On Cape Verde, families developed from the “free” people and slaves who lived together in peacefully and as a matter of course. Situated at the hub between Europe, America and the Indian Ocean, Cape Verde can now look back at a significant achievement: the birth of a completely new Creole culture and language, evolving from the blending of very diverse ethnic groups. The Creole people assumed a forerunner role in the independence movement of Africa in its seemingly never-ending battle against colonization. They also assumed the intellectual fatherhood for one of the most modern constitutions in one of the few pluralistic but stable systems in the region with very low corruption rate.

Poeple of Praia

Walking from the market

A common look anywhere on the islands of Cape Verde is to see the women walking to and from the market carrying everything on their heads.

Global Ambassador

  • International perspective

    By travelling you will broaden your views and gain a better understanding of the world. You are privileged to have the opportunity to go on this tour. Make sure you take advantage of it! Learn about the history to understand the present. Study the difference to see the many similarities. Gain a new international perspective on things. Be a global ambassador!
  • Explore and Expand

    Make sure you pack your curiosity, critical faculties and your lateral thinking for the tour. When on tour, try to be open for new ideas and alternative ways. If you are, you will surely return home as a richer person.


Fruit, fish and more

From one of the markets of Praia you would go to do your daily shopping. The family menu would depend on what is fresh that day.

Santiago Bay

Cidade Velha

Pico d'Antonia

Praia Lighthouse


Prainha District