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Creating Opportunities

Education and home

for children in Ghana

Great Andoh International

Lingo Tours has chosen one project that we want to support and it is a school and home for underprivileged children in Ghana. When you travel with Lingo Tours, part of the profit generated will be donated to the school in Ghana. With relatively little money we can provide an opportunity for these children who, without it, would have very limited life opportunities. This massive change is thanks to your financial contribution and the hard work of a couple of brave heroes.


Their dreams for the future

Doctor, banker, footballer, nurse, lawyer....

Doing something

Lingo Tours decided to donate to this project as it fits well with our ethos of educational travel. It is a natural extension of what we do. More importantly, we chose this project as we believe it is honest and good. After being introduced to Great Andoh International it was an easy decision to take on this mission: to be part of helping to provide a home and an education to these children is an honor, and hugely rewarding. We know that this grassroots project is 100% effective and transparent and is generating great results. Our decision to “do something” was an easy one. We hope it is as easy for you to join us and make a very small contribution.
If you are travelling with Lingo Tours you are part of this project and you are already “doing something.” We donate a portion of our proceeds to the school for each person that travels with us.

Great Andoh - Background

Emelie Kanter from Gothenburg in Sweden and Jacques Manner from the Ivory Coast met coincidentally in Ghana and started a project to help street children. They set up a home and provided clean water to sick children, who until then had been drinking from the gutter. It didn’t take long before the project developed into something bigger. With a small investment and a couple of good hearted, passionate people like Emelie and Jacques, big dreams quickly became a reality. Not just the idea of a school and a home, but also the children’s dreams to become something. These dreams are a true measure of the success achieved. When this project started over 7 years ago they dreamt of wearing white socks and being “normal children,” today they dream of becoming doctors and nurses.
These dreams are the result of the transformation of an empty plot of land into a functioning school and home for over 75 children. Today the school has a capacity of 300 students and has become a stepping stone to normal life. From Great Andoh School the children can be funded to continue secondary education at boarding school, which Great Andoh also funds. With a high-school education they can create their own opportunities and find a job in Ghana.

Find out more on the Great Andoh International Website…

As great Andoh mainly receives its funding from Sweden, their website is in Swedish. However, there is an English pdf on the site you can download or you can try Google Translate or website translator on your browser.


Off the street and on to the future

1 coffee = $ 3,25

If you are not travelling with Lingo Tours this or next year, don't feel bad, but do go ahead and donate your lunch coffee ($ 3,25) to someone who can do a lot more with that money!
Please mark your coffee contribution with "Great Andoh" and your money will travel down to Africa and provide a home and an education for a very happy child!

It's pocket change!

Your contribution will be ear marked to Great Andoh and if you follow us on Face Book you will see updates about our contribution to the school.
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The students

Thank you!

The children of Great Andoh used to live on the streets with no opportunities to live among society. Today they have a place to live and receive an education, are able to graduate high school and apply for a job.

Meeting with

Emilie Kanter

It was a pleasure to meet Emilie Kanter, one of the two founders of Great Andoh International. 7 years ago she set up the grassroots funded charity and has managed the school since then, all without taking a salary for herself!

Great Andoh


The logo of the school symbolises the values and dreams of this great project.