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Paris French History Tour
Paris city stay with 3 full day excursions
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French History
9 days tour with in June 2018
Central hotels, entrances and meals
Private group with French history focus
Experience cultural France beneath the surface
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Paris French History Tour

French History City Stay in Paris

Private Tour – 9 days

Paris French History Tour

The history of France is rich, diverse and powerful, and there is no better way to take in the facts then by visiting the very places you’ve read about and studied. Battles have been won, lives have been lost, dazzling masterpieces created, towers built and castles conquered. With this tour, you’ll have the experience of breathing in the air inside the Notre Dame cathedral, you’ll wander around the gardens that inspired Monet and you’ll be able to traverse the Parisian streets and absorb a world that spans back through to Roman times.
With a dedicated stay in Paris that also includes day excursions outside of the city, your existing knowledge will be enhanced all the while your curiosity for the future will be sparked. This tour will take you back in time, yet set you firmly in today’s Europe.

Hotel Nights

  • Paris central hotel (7 nights)
Your Paris hotel will be centrally located and of high standard. The exact hotels will be communicated separately when the group size is finalized. You will always have a full quality breakfast included each day at the hotel.

Tour Route


Enjoy a long week in Paris with included day excursions to the Loire Valley, Giverny and Versailles.

Your guide in Paris


Isabelle will show you the best of Paris and give you insight in the intriguing history of the city.
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Paris je t'aime

Your customized experience starts here. Below is an outline of what is included in your tour itinerary and event schedule. It is not comprehensive, but gives a good indication of the depth of the experience you will have.

Day by Day

  • Depart USA on an overnight flight to Paris CDG.
  • Be greeted at the airport by your Tour Manager and then begin to explore Paris with an introduction walk visiting Notre Dame cathedral and the Latin Quarter. Sit down to a delicious dinner…welcome to France!
  • Enjoy a full day of historic sightseeing with an expert guide visiting various World War II sights and traversing the Charles de Gaulle walk. After lunch, you’ll discover the Musee Cluny before enjoying some structured free time in the afternoon and a dinner in the evening.
  • Take a day trip out to Giverny with your Tour Manager and wander around Monet’s gardens. Enjoy dinner in the evening along with a Seine river cruise before ticking the Eiffel Tower off your list.
  • Go and see the Louvre before enjoying a Tour Manager led visit to Arènes de Lutèce. The afternoon has the possibility of some group activities or free time before dinner is served in Montmartre. Your Tour Manager will lead a sightseeing evening here, where you’ll visit the Artist square as well as Sacre Coeur Basilica.
  • Venture out of Paris and explore Loire Valley on a day excursion with entrance to a Chateau. Dinner in the evening.
  • Visit Victor Hugo’s House on a Tour Manager led visit of Place de Voges including nearby Pere Lachaise before taking dinner in the evening.
  • On your final exploration day, partake in an excursion to Versailles with a guided visit inside the castle. You’ll have time for picnic lunch in the gardens in the afternoon, finishing your excursion with a visit to Marie Antoinette’s house
  • Transfer to Paris airport for returning flights to the USA.

Paris rooftops

Champs Élysée

Window shopping

The main avenue in Paris where you will find the flagship store of brands such as Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.


Place du Tertre

The artist square at the top of Montmartre is simply referred to as "the artist square" and is a good place for souvenir shopping and maybe a self portrait.

Notre Dame de Paris

From Napoleon to Hugot

Notre Dame de Paris is the most significant cathedral of France and most historic personalities in French history has somewhat a link to it.

Included on tour

  • A specialist Tour Manger from beginning to end.
  • Centrally located Paris hotel of high standard.
  • Daily full breakfast. Daily, 3 course dinners with iced water and/or soda included.
  • Private local guides for sightseeing.
  • Visits to selected museums and sights including Louvre, Musee d Cluny, Arene du Lutece, Victor Hugo House, Eiffel Tower (3rd floor/summit if permitting). All cathedrals and basilicas planned as part of the tour.
  • Excursions with entrances to Giverny, Chateau in Loire Valley, Versailles and gardens
  • Smartphone application during] [li]Transportation for all scheduled activities.
  • Roundtrip airfares. Airport transfers in Paris.

Meals & Restaurants

Go local

The meals that you have included on tour will be genuine local food with specialties from the region.

The saviour of Paris

Hitler instructed that Paris must not fall into the enemy’s hands, except as “a field of ruins”. He ordered that the city be prepared for demolition should the Allies invade. The military commander of Paris, General of Infantry Dietrich von Choltitz, had no intention of seeing Paris destroyed. He loved the beauty of the city, as well as its cultural significance. He was appalled by the act of destruction he was to commit and disobeyed his orders, leaving Paris intact.
Dietrich von Choltitz who surrendered the city to he Free French forces was hailed by the allies as the "savior of Paris". He claimed his reasons was simply based on a love of French culture and its rich history. He also said he believed that Adolf Hitler had gone completely insane. Choltitz was captured and brought to London at the end of the war and later to Camp Clinton in Mississippi. He showed regret and remorse about servicing the Nazis and the atrocities carried out in its name. He was never charged for any specific war crime and released in 1947. He travelled back to Paris and his old headquarters at Hotel Meurice, where he once again met with the long-time head barman. Reportedly von Choltitz wondered around in a daze with an empty glancing stare. He visited his old hotel room and denied the invitation of a glass of champagne and left. He later passed away in 1966 in Germany.


Eiffel Tower

To all the glories

Madame Deficit

Throughout France peasants and many other people may have been starving but oh no, not Marie Antoinette. What was she doing? She commissioned the building of the Petit Hameau which saw a palace ground be constructed complete with gardens, cottages, watermills and lakes. The Queen and her ladies-in-waiting dressed up as milkmaids and peasants, frolicking around their quaint countryside retreat which in turn, earned Marie Antoinette the title “Madame Deficit”.

Gargoyles of Paris

Loire Valley

French Cuisine

Parisian markets

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Local transports



Did you know that in 1911 the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre by one of the staff members? For two years it was gone and the Police were so baffled and perplexed that they started questioning art experts. Even Pablo Picasso was taken in for interrogation. The painting reappeared two years later in Italy and the thief was found and sent to prison.

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