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With so many amazing places to see and things to do in this world, the hard questions is, where do you start?

We’ve listed below some of our most popular tour countries.

Travel with us and experience the Lingo Tours difference:

    • Central hotel stays – 3 to 5-star standard
    • Full, warm, buffet breakfasts & 3-course dinners
    • Quality, private transportation
    • Customizable tour itinerary and components


Customize your own tour

Simply fill out our Group Leader Request Form and let us help design your perfect group tour.
Once we have received your form we will respond to with suggestions and some questions to create the best tour possible for you and your group.


Salzbrug, Austria

A fairytale land

Visit the tops of mountains in Innsbruck, the interiors of beautiful buildings in Vienna or recreate the scenes from the "Sound of Music" in Salzburg - the choice is yours.
Austria has so much to offer on all levels, from Alpine mountains, lake district, salt mines, glaciers to historic palaces and high culture.


Belgium Brussels Grand Place

Be charmed

More than just chocolate and craft beers, get lost along the medieval streets of Bruges or pay your respects at important World War landmarks throughout Belgium. One of the smallest countries in Europe, but full of diversity with everything from Ardennes region with its charming small towns to impressive cities like Ghent and Antwerp. The "country of frites" will not let you down!

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Prague

Eastern Europe meets west

Be wowed by the gothic architecture of Prague’s cobblestoned Old Town or visit fairytale villages like Český Krumlov, the Czech Republic is a country rich in culture, history and landscapes.
Conveniently located between east and west you can reach many highlights in neighbouring countries and very likely your tour will be combined with a second or third country.


London England Windsor Castle Guard

Something for everyone

From the exhilarating buzz of London city to the quaint English countryside, England really does have something for everyone. Explore the dramatic landscape at Land's End and the history of Bath, York and Dover, the list is endless. Welcome to England!


Romance mixed with historical richness

Be seduced by dazzling city lights, rolling French-countryside or historic landmarks. Located in middle of Europe it covers everthing from historic castles to quaint little towns on the Mediterannean sea.
C'est la douce France!


Berlin, Germany

A land of contrasts

Cutting-edge cool meets timeless tradition, Germany packages up spectacular landscapes, vibrant metropolises, idyllic villages and fairytale castles such as Neuschwanstein in Bavaria.
Germany has it all for you!


Italy and Greek Islands Cruise | Popular Tour

The magical Mediterranean

Whether it's uncovering ancient cities or cruising on a 3 or 4 day cruise through the dazzling Aegean Sea as you dot your way around the Greek Islands...
Greece is calling your name.


Budapest Hungary Danube River Cruise

Architecture and scenery galore

Hungary has always been a nation carving it's own path; from it's distinct language and long-standing history, Hungary never fails to inspire and delight.
Don't forget to enjoy one of the many natural hot spring Spa's when in Budapest!


Iceland Tour | Lingo Tours

Discover a different world

Traverse glaciers, feel the heat from hot springs on your face and take in the remarkable rugged landscape that Iceland has to offer.
This is the country where you will see the most impressive waterfalls, the purest of horses and the darkest of beaches. In other words, extreme beauty!


Popular Tour Countries | Ireland | Lingo Tours

A country with a big heart

Known for rich history, breath-taking scenery, friendly locals, and a long tradition of storytelling; be mesmerized by the rugged Atlantic Island of Ireland.
Welcome to the green island!


Popular Tour Countries | Italy | Lingo Tours

Always a good idea

Discover la dolce vita, the good life of Italy. From the food and the land and the people, to the history, the culture and the stories, Italy is always sure to inspire and delight.
From Venice in the north to Sicily in the south, the list of stunning places is simply too long!


Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands | Lingo Tours

Picture perfect quirkyness

Be greeted by quirky cities, charming canals and colorful countryside as you cruise your way through the goldren-coutnry of the Netherlands.
Enjoy the famous painters "landscapes of light" and the architecture of charming Delft, Amsterdam and much more!


Norway Oslo Opera House

Marvel at the magnificence

Stunning fjords boarder a land full of treasures to be explored. Be charmed by the capital city Oslo as you surrender to the Scandinavian life.
Why not go by northbound train from Oslo to enjoy the most scenic of landscapes? Welcome to the land of the Vikings!



Embark on a path less traveled

Heavy in history, there is much more to Poland than just Auschwitz. Discover coastal towns such as Gdansk, progressive cities like Warsaw and beautiful old towns represented by Krakow, plus of course, a whole lot more.


Lisbon Portugal Tram

Kick back and relax

With a swagger of beaches, culture-dense cities, soul-satisfying food and heartwarming people, Portugal is sheer perfection all the way from the majestic Algarve coast in the south to the rugged coasts of Porto in the north.
Capture the essence of it all over a Fado performance dinner in Lisbon!


Scotland Highland Cattle Beef

Majestic scenery

Get lost among the cities, the castles, the countrysides and the rugged coastlines of Scotland.
Travel throug historic battlefields....and remember to keep your eyes peeled along the way for the ever-famous Nessie too!


Portugal, Spain, France Tour | Lingo Tours

Enter a colorful world

Eat Spanish tapas, drink Spanish wine, learn to dance the Flamenco, or simply relax and kick back in some of the best weather in Europe!
The fantastic Spanish lifestyle is waiting for you.


Lapland Sweden

A smorgasbord of discoveries

Get lost among the forests and parklands or sip coffees in cool Scandinavian cafes in Stockholm and Gothenburg; Sweden is the smorgasbord of travel treats no matter what your interests. Everything from Viking hostory to northern lights experience by dogsled. Sit back and enjoy the kingdom!


Switzerland Lake Lucerne

A pristine paradise

From efficient, clean cities to crisp and fresh mountain air, Switzerland is a treasure trove of beautifully natural landscapes and sheer city perfection.
Did you know that Switzerland has the longest stretches of train track? Suitable for a tour on rail!