Armchair Travel: Without a passport!

Right now it feels like all we can do is daydream about our favorite faraway places, yet there’s another way to explore the world.

Let’s invite all of those places to our homes so we can visit them from our armchairs. We’d love to inspire you with a few examples of virtual tours and videos that are available online. And as soon as we are able to get back on the road again, we’ll be even more excited to see those places in real life!

Gondola ride in Venice

Imagine yourself sitting in a gently rocking gondola while your gondolier slowly maneuvers his little boat through the waters of Venice, with just the sound of the splashing water from the oar and the buzz of the city in the background. In this video you can have a 360-degree view in which you can rotate your view yourself. Enjoy this 20-minute gondola ride!

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Eiffel Tower | Popular Tour Highlights | Lingo Tours

Looking far and wide over the beautiful city of Paris is something we’re all looking forward to. With this virtual tour you’ll not only have a magnificent panoramic  view over the city with all the highlights pointed out and explained, but also, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the history and culture of the majestic and imposing, ‘La Tour Eiffel.’ Good luck climbing the 1665 steps!

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

With this visit to the Rijksmuseum you will surely have the best seats for seeing Rembrandt’s Night Watch. The museum is empty and quiet, and the silence enchants the paintings of the Dutch masters even more. You can put together your own personal exhibition. Or, if you feel like playing a game you can do the ‘Key Challenge’ in the Gallery of Honour. What is your favorite painting?