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Customized group tours
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Due to ongoing pandemic 2020 tours are affected. Please read T&C and statement to be informed.
  • Read Temporary Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

    1. Lingo Tours is working on moving all tours with departures in 2020.
    2. We disregard our cancellation policy for all 2020 tours and refund payments minus supplier costs per tour. If supplier credits come available we will pass on that credit in terms of refunds. Cancellation refunds will be judged on an individual per-tour basis that takes into account tour payments which have already been made by Lingo Tours to suppliers on travelers behalf.
    3. Lingo Tours is always working to achieve the best outcomes for all our travelers and has your best interest at heart. Please remember that any payments you have already made for your tour are protected.
    4. As per our standard policy, Lingo Tours requires all travelers to have adequate travel and health insurance before your tour departure.

Customized Group Tours

Central hotel stays, upgraded meals

Experience the difference for your next group tour, all at no extra cost

At Lingo Tours, we specialize in customized group tours. When you travel with us, you have the power to request it all – from specific hotels, to destinations, restaurants or your favorite Tour Leader. Forget about spending hours on a bus traveling to your hotel, at Lingo Tours we only work with centrally located hotels, and all meals are as standard, of an upgraded quality.

Regardless of what your tour focus is, we guarantee that it will be your perfect group tour, all at no extra cost.

So travel with us on your next group tour and discover the world!

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Time to Dream - Time to Enroll

Dream Tours

Adapted for the uncertainties during 2020 we are offering special enrollment terms during summer and fall 2020 for future tours in 2021 and 2022.
Enroll on tour today without financial commitment and enjoy superior quality tomorrow!

Superior Quality & Competitive Rates

At Lingo Tours Group Leaders are proud of their tours. For the most competitive tour rates you enjoy superior quality.
Experience the difference and design your next tour with Lingo Tours!

Upgraded Meals

Food on Tour | Steak | Lingo Tours

Our meals and restaurants are always upgraded as a standard and are carefully selected to provide a genuine and quality experience

3-5 Star Central Hotels

Our hotels are centrally located and hand picked for your tour and its budget.

Your Choice

Pick and choose your Tour Director, Tour Guides or anyone else that you want to work with.
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