Destination: Morocco

As the weather gets cooler and the sun is setting earlier, we are dreaming of a faraway land.

A land with sand, sea, and mountains. It is a country that leaves travelers spellbound with its mystical and exotic vibe. Ready to take off? Let’s Go, See, & Do in Morocco!

  • GO: Morocco
  • Morocco, or in Arabic al-maghrib, means, “the place where the sun sets.” And from sun up, until sun down, Morocco offers endless possibilities of unique activities like a morning spa treatment at the hammam, to an afternoon of spice shopping in the souk, to a sunset camel ride in the desert.

    In this country known for its contrasting and breathtaking landscapes, travelers have an opportunity to experience a wide variety of adventures to suit their interests. Discover the Dar-el-Makhzen museum in Tangier to learn more about the combination of Berber, Arab, and European influences on art, culture, and architecture, or take to the beaches of Essaouira to kitesurf or sunbathe. When night falls, wander through the medina in Marrakech and marvel at the countless stalls selling ceramics, rugs, leather, and lamps.

    A feast for the senses, Morocco conjures up something magical for every traveler~ from couples on a romantic retreat, to foodies eager to sample authentic Moroccan cuisine, or women’s groups on a spa and shopping holiday. Whether you visit “The Red City” of Marrakech, “The Blue City” of Chefchaouen, or “The White City” of Casablanca, Morocco offers a vibrant, lively, and inviting environment, just calling you to explore.

  • SEE: See the Sahara Desert from above~ in a hot air balloon!
  • Long before the sun rises, head deep into the desert. As miles of sand stretch on ahead, as if a mirage, a Bedouin camp suddenly appears before you. Over coffee and croissants, watch the massive balloons being inflated, as the light from their burners illuminates your surroundings. The noise of the burners soon gives way to near silence, as you peacefully make your ascent upwards, watching the scene beneath you appear smaller and smaller with each passing minute. Serenely float over the Sahara Desert with your expert guide who will steer you over impressive sites, if the wind is just right.

    After your ride, enjoy a homemade Berber breakfast, with eggs, pancakes, and traditional doughnuts dipped in honey. On a sky-high adventure like no other, this Lingo Tours optional excursion will leave you feeling completely exhilarated. Up, up, and away!

  • DO: Hike Mount Toubkal
  • Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life, souks, and tuk tuks behind, head to the mountains where cooler air and Berber hospitality await. Ride a donkey up to your cozy Kasbah and grab your hiking boots for a guided hike up Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains. Pause at awe-inspiring vantage points to take in the majesty of these African mountains. Cross ravines and pass by waterfalls as you make your way to the home of a Berber family where you will be met with mint tea and cookies, a customary Moroccan welcome.

    After your hike, you may be ready to relax with a massage or some yoga in the meditation room. Your Kasbah evening would not be complete without a tagine dinner and traditional Berber music and dance. Enjoy the show!

  • PLAN: your trip to Morroco
  • Watch this video to learn more about a recent adult Lingo Tours adventure to Morocco.

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  • Do and Read right now
  • While you’re planning your own tour to Morocco, here are 2 things you can already Do and Read right now: cook a lovely Morrocan Chicken Tagine or start reading about all the mystic and exotic things this country has to give.