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Tours for the creative mind

Create a group tour

Become a Group Leader and design your own group tour!

Every part of your adventure can be customized especially for your group, to the smallest detail. The process is collaborative and takes into consideration your travel dreams- both general and specific, your ideal length and season of travel, the members of your group, and budget. We then work with you to design an itinerary and promote your tour. We accompany you in the travel preparation, and on the actual tour.

From your initial request we will create a suggested itinerary which we believe fits your needs. Once confirmed, we will work to make the entire tour unique and special. As the tour is developing, you may prefer a different mode of transport for a particular leg of the journey, or want to visit a lesser known attraction en route to your destination, we will be responsive. Your travel route will make the most of the time available and you will never have a day split by scattered bookings, or wasted with backtracking; the tour will flow smoothly from one attraction to the next. We take great pleasure in working on each of the details, making your tour a seamless and fulfilling experience.

You can customize any aspect of your tour:

  • The route, itinerary, length and pace of your tour
  • Hotel quality and location
  • Types of meal and restaurants
  • Activities included as part of the itinerary
  • Activities which have been requested specifically by your group
  • Any particular theme you would like to cover on tour


If there is something you would like to add or change to your tour, we will make it happen for you. Just ask us!

Why should I become a group leader?

Group leader benefits

You might be a teacher, a professor, or have a dream and a group of adult friends; and you want to create a tour. There are certain benefits and incentives for you to organize a group, as the leader. The types of incentives and benefits will depend on the type of group: either applicable on the tour, or over time with repeat travel. Please contact us for more information about our "goto" reward program.

Unique Places

Ways of Moving

Quality Meals

Central Hotels

Special Events

Timing Seasons

Create your perfect group tour

Benefit from being a group leader and design your own tour the way you think is best.
Go ahead and create your tour with Lingo Tours!
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