Destination: Greece

The days are getting darker as we near the Winter Solstice. But in our minds, it’s warm and sunny.

That’s because we’re dreaming of a country that offers the best of city living and island life. A place where the food warms your belly and the hospitality warms your soul. Ready to take off? Let’s Go, See, & Do in Greece!

  • GO: Greece
With mild Mediterranean temperatures, Greece, officially known as The Hellenic Republic is made up of two main peninsulas and thousands of islands in the Aegean and the Ionian seas. An ancient land known as the birthplace of philosophy and democracy in the West, Greece was also the home to the first theater and the first Olympic Games. Greek architecture, noted for its columns, are on prominent display in landmark sites, such as the ruins of Delphi and the Acropolis of Athens.

After arriving at Athens International Airport, our first stop is the lively Plaka district. Plaka is the old town district of Athens, nestled right in the middle of some of the most noteworthy landmarks in the world. And visible from almost any point in Plaka, is the Acropolis. Plaka’s bougainvillea-lined streets are filled with eateries and boutiques, coffee shops and pubs. Plaka is the perfect place to spend an entire day~ from leisurely morning coffee, to an afternoon of antique shopping, to enjoying the colorful nightlife.

Away from the bustling ancient city, we cruise now to the charming Cyclades where we can revel in the nightlife of Mykonos and silently take in the serene sunsets in Santorini. The iconic whitewashed buildings with domes of blue are unmistakably a symbol of Greek island living. On an evening stroll along the cobblestone streets, just one look at the spellbinding windmills may have you considering relocating permanently…

  • SEE: The Changing of the Guards in Athens
Steeped in tradition, watching the changing of the guards is a must when in Athens. The ceremonious guard change happens every hour in front of Hellenic Parliament in Syntagma Square. The guards are elite Greek soldiers called Evzones who belong to the military group “Proedriki Froura,” or guards of the President of Democracy. It is an extreme honor to be selected to be an Evzone. Evzones are on duty for one hour at a time, three times every two days. During the changing of the guards, the Evzones, march from their barracks with a military band. They march behind the Parliament Building and proceed along Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, arriving at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Did you know that the Evzones are instructed to move in such slow, precise motions during the ceremony because they are recirculating their blood after standing still for so long? Check it out here in this video!

  • DO: Dance the Syrtaki!
One of the earliest references to Greek dancing is in The Iliad, a classic work of the poet Homer. Homer depicts a series of three dances that were performed in a circle around the spear of Achilles. The Syrtaki is one of the most popular Greek dances, made famous in the 1964 film, “Zorba the Greek.” The Syrtaki is a folkdance that combines both slow (syrtos) and fast (pidikhtós) rhythms and is often referred to as “The Dance of Zorba.”

Want to learn to dance the Syrtaki?

All of our groups have an included Greek evening with music and dance as a farewell dinner when in Greece. Opa!

  • PLAN: your trip to Greece

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  • Do and Read right now
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