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As a response to the ongoing pandemic and the risk covid-19 is posing on travel in general we have launched a trouble free enrollment option for our travelers. Travelers can enroll on tour without the stress of travel implications caused by the pandemic because they have the possibility to back out before making their first payments. We have eliminated the financial uncertainty. 

From 01 June to 01 November in 2020 it is possible to enroll without payment for newly designed tours departing in 2021 and 2022. The November 1 time frame will be extended if covid-19 is still causing feasibility risks for departure. For full details about the conditions, please see requirements below.

Group Leaders, take advantage of this chance and become a Lingo Tours GL today! Launch a tour that you can offer to your group without financial commitments. Create your Dream Tour! 

Create your own Dream Tour now!

Start the process of your Dream Tour and make it trouble free for your travelers to enroll.

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Dream Tour - Terms & Conditions

1. The tour must be departing earliest April 2021 and latest December 2022.
2. The tour must be open for enrollment earliest 01 June 2020, i.e. a newly designed tour.
3. The tour can not be an existing tour that has been postponed and/or open for enrollment prior to 01 June 2020.
4. Travelers must enroll between 01 June and 01 November in 2020 to benefit from the no payment condition.
5. Enrolled travelers must pay enrollment fee of $150 latest 02 November when normal T&C are activated for all Dream Tours.
6. Should Covid-19 still pose a serious threat for travel for the tour departure (departures starting from April 2021) the free enrollment terms may be extended a month at the time.
7. If the tour departure in question is considered safe from Covid-19 and travelers have not paid in their required amount they will be removed from tour enrollment.
8. Once enrollment fee is paid normal conditions apply. The payment itself is confirming this offer is no longer in action.
9. Travelers enrolled on tours created prior to 1 June 2020 are only included in this offer for tours meeting criteria 1-4 above.
10. Travelers enrolled on Dream Tours can cancel their participation penalty free before making their first payment.

Create Your Dream Tour Now!

Create your own Dream Tour.
Start the process of your Dream Tour and make it trouble free for your travelers to enroll.

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