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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness" - Mark Twain
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Explore different worlds

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"Once a year, go somewhere you've never been before." - The Dalai Lama
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Registration fee and tour installments

Type of payment

If you are paying for your registration fee it is a minimum of 150 USD. You can chose to increase this amount to have a lower monthly payments between now and your departure, i.e. combine your registration fee with an installment.
If you are paying your monthly tour installment you should pay the amount that was indicated in your payment update email that was sent to you.

Our 3 payment methods

1.Credit Card (1% card fee)
2.Online Banking (free)
3.International Bank Transfer
The three different methods can be used depending on the amount you are paying. The credit card option will add a 2% credit card fee, however Lingo Tours will cover 1% (half) of that fee. Online banking payment is free and does/should not inflict a charge for you. International Bank Transfer fee will be carried by Lingo Tours when transferring amounts over 5000 USD. Below a more detailed explanation on how to use each method.

1. Credit Card Payment

When paying with credit card, please use the StudyPay system below where you make your transaction with your credit card.
We recommend you notify your bank in advance of making credit card payments that international transactions will be taking place with Earthport based in the UK (the Lingo Tours payment service provider). If you do not notify your bank in advance then your payment may be blocked and will not be processed.
The credit card company will charge you 2% fee for your payment. Lingo Tours will split that fee with you by topping up your payments with 1%. In effect you are only paying 1% credit card fee.

Credit Card

Use StudyPay for your credit card payment.
Select USD as currency and "bill payment" as reason for payment. Your payment reference is your tour code of 3 letters and 3 numbers, e.g. ABC123
If your credit card payment has been successful then you will receive an instant email confirmation of your payment.

2. Online Banking Payment

By using your local online banking you can pay Lingo Tours directly to our USA based account without any fees. Your local online banking payment system must be a so called ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment in order to avoid any charges. The ACH is the same method as for your IRS payments system. You may also an alternative service, free of charge, if your bank is listed in the field to the right.
To process payment with your online banking you need to go online to your personal online banking service and fill in the requested information listed below that is needed by your bank.
Lingo Tours
Rustenburgerstraat 276
1073 GL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Normal (ACH) bank transfer

For normal ACH and billpay services, please use the below information:
Beneficiary: Lingo Tours
Account nr: 7813396301
First American Bank
700 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
United States
Swift (BIC) code: FAMBUS44
ABA number: 071922777

Alternative online payment

The following banks are linked to our bank through a free payment system. If you have Bank of America, Capital One P2P Payments, Chase QuickPay℠, FirstBank Person to Person Transfers, Frost Send Money, U.S. Bank Send Money or Wells Fargo SurePay℠
Please use the following details:
Account Name: Lingo Tours
Account Number: 7813396301
Account Phone Number: 612-554-5889
Should your bank require any additional information, please contact us:

3. International Bank Transfer

Making an international bank transfer costs between 30-40 USD per transfer. When making payments between 2000 and 5000 USD Lingo Tours will top up your amount with 20 USD. For any transfer of 5000 USD and above we will top up your amount with 40 USD.

International Bank Transfer

Lingo Tours Rustenburgerstraat 276 1073 GL Amsterdam
Lingo Tours, ING Bank, The Netherlands
Account nr: 20133588
IBAN: NL94 INGB 0020 1335 88