Destination: Iceland

Iceland’s unique landscape, friendly population and proximity to the US and continental Europe, make it a popular location.

  • GO: Iceland
The landscape varies from lunar, to lush, to glacial. And as diverse as the terrain itself, are the wide variety of activities the await travelers. One may find oneself walking behind a waterfall, climbing a glacier, basking in bubbly geothermic springs, and staring in amazement at the beauty of the Aurora Borealis ~ all in one day.

On an Iceland tour, you can snorkel, dogsled, snow mobile, or ride Icelandic horses. This is the land of fire, ice, geysers, Vikings, and mythical creatures. Iceland is the location where North America and Europe meet, and it offers a magical experience for its visitors during every season.

  • SEE: Harpa
Harpa is a magnificent concert hall in Reykjavik designed by Olafur Eliasson. The geometric, multi-colored glass panels that adorn the façade are meant to resemble Iceland’s landscape. Harpa is home to the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera.

The name Harpa may first call to mind a stringed musical instrument, but that’s only one reason behind the venue’s name. Harpa is an old Norse word for the first month of summer, which is a time of new beginnings; when new creations come to light, and the name pays homage to the creative genius of the musicians who perform there.

While you’re in Reykjavik, you may enjoy catching a concert at Harpa, having a coffee in one of the restaurants, or just strolling through the boutique shops.

  • DO: Hike a glacier!

  • Strap your crampons on your boots and grab your icepick, helmet, and goggles, and you’re ready to take on the Solheimajokull Glacier. As extreme as this adventure may sound, it’s actually appropriate for most ages and ability levels and no hiking skills are needed. Expert guides lead you around ravines and up glacial peaks to give you a serene view of the vast frozen landscape on a walk you will never forget.

    Many of our Lingo Tours travelers rate this as the most exciting and unique experience of their Iceland Tour. Of course, we think a dip in the geothermic hot springs of the Blue Lagoon is always a great way to end an afternoon of glacier climbing.

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